Vogue - March 2013
"High & Mighty", p.615

"I have another party coming up, and Kevin's out of town. My editor books me in with hairdresser John D'Orazio. 'He did a wild, over-the-top beehive for one of the guests at the Met gala,' she says.

"D'Orazio's salon is on Madison, above the Ralph Lauren children's shop. He has a 25-year history on this block. His salon is an old-school classic: mirrored French doors, coffee, chatting, and an offered plate of chocolates.

"He recalls the theatrical style he'd done for vintage dealer Juliana Cairone's Met look. 'It was decorated with beetles in honor of the Schiaparelli exhibition, which called for something exotic, for glamour.'

"D'Orazio's father had a barbership in Brooklyn; his mother had a salon next door. At eleven years old, he began styling his mother's hair. 'I loved it. By thirteen, I was completely booked.' For his first beehive, he used a can of Ozon hair spray, wrapping the hair around the actual can.

"For modern-day hair, D'Orazio has developed his own line of preshaped add-ons. He shows me a cone that is my exact color match, but then I become entranced with a streaky tortoiseshell length of hair, stiff but bendable. Like the cone, the ribbon-like shape, created by adhering high-quality hair to both sides of a length of lace organza, has sewn-in clips to anchor it. He clips the piece atop my head and wraps it around itself, the interior hollow, the sides glossy and smooth.

"'Isn't this fun?' he asks, the color-blocked effect highlighting the beehive's geometry. The finished look is aerodynamic and light to wear.

"'I used to wonder, What is future hair?' muses D'Orazio as I'm getting up to leave. 'The hair in the sixties was so futuristic; then the future came.'

"And it was filled with blow-dry bars?

"He nods.

"I walk out of the salon, hair and head held high, feeling empowered. The future is now."

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"Fashion Week Beauty Prep: 'Vogue' Editors' Pre-Game"

— "Have a real hair hairpiece from John d'Orazio at the ready, should a chignon be the saving grace for bad hair!"

John D'Orazio Salon, 872 Madison Avenue, Suite 2B, NYC; 212.628.5646

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Rare Vintage Blog
"In Vogue!"

"It was a huge honor for me to be mentioned in the article on this year's Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations Met Gala. ...

"The fabulous hair was created by the masterful John D'Orazio who made it even bigger then I could have imagined possible. In the photo below my giant hair meets the little insects... John was so focused he was not even a little bit squeamish.

"Almost ready to go. The hair was so big I basically had to crawl in and out of the car! The insects are real and there were butterflies in the front.

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"Hair Restoration for Women over 50: Female Hair Transplants, Wigs, and Hairpieces Designed Just for Us"

"One of the most famous specialists in supplemental hair is John D'Orazio, whose discreet but pricey work with hairpieces and wigs graces the heads of women in the news as well as everyday women dealing with hair loss. His two elegant salons, one at 872 Madison Avenue in New York City, and the other in Water Mill, New York on Long Island, are a headquarters for women wanting a non-medical alternative.

"Made from real hair, John's full wigs are expensive - around $10,000 - but they provide a confident solution for long-term or permanent hair loss, or for women recovering from chemo who want a top-of-the line custom wig. John has spent forty years refining his creative and technical skills and his medical knowledge about hair loss in women to design hairpieces and wigs that are totally undetectable.

"I've dedicated my career to finding the best hair loss solutions. One of my specialties is a fine hairpiece like a strip of false eyelashes that attaches to the hair with micro-clips so there is no tension on the roots, just the illusion of fullness. I personalize these fillers and add rows of them as needed depending on the degree of loss and location. They also work effectively as "highlights" to bring depth of color and a tone-on-tone look to the hair, which also enhances the illusion of more hair. For a receding hairline I've developed a filler that tapes on, somewhat like a band-aid, to restore fullness there. And it's completely foolproof!" John D'Orazio is the name that hair loss doctors pass along to high profile clients."

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"Vogue.com's Candy Pratts Price started her beauty program early, too, at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning with an Eileen Harcourt oxygen facial, followed by a mani/pedi back at home with Jackie Padilha. Today, it's Birgitte Philippides for makeup and John D'Orazio for hair."

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W Suzy

"We all know about Frederic Fekkai and Oribe riding the crest of deserved hype as hairdressers to the famous, the celebrated, the social and the rich. Comes now John D'Orazio, formerly a top stylist at Suga, who has opened a salon on the Upper East Side where only a select few are privy.

"Located in a private town house mestled between Madison and Fifth on 72nd Street, the salon's watchword is 'discretion,' preferring to remain a best-kept secret that a group of high-profile women are hesitant to divulge.

"Can you think of a better way to get publicity? Anyhow, if you blink your eyes, you might miss such as Jackie Onassis, Nancy Reagan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Betsy Bloomingdale, Susan Anton and megamodel Stephanie Seymour slipping in for a fix."

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Harper's Bazaar
"Inside Beauty: Hot Spots"

"Among the best new salons in New York and Beverly Hills: John D'Orazio's elegant Upper East Side establishment. With its pink-flower-emblazoned courtyard, Baccarat crystal wall sconces and antique, stained glass French doors, it's a luxurious escape from Manhattan's frenzied pace. Patrons are pampered by a 12-person staff of color, cut, and perm experts headed up by the owner/master stylist himself..."

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New York Post
"Restoring Hair - and Spirits"

"TWO months ago, celebrity stylist John D'Orazio was trimming the locks of yet another famous client when an absolutely unforgettable woman walked into his tony Upper East Side salon..."

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"A Real Guy's Survival Guide to Mornings," p.469

"One of the most devastating morning disasters a man can face is when he notices those telltale clumps of hair on the pillow or in the sink. According to stylist John D'Orazio of the John D'Orazio Salon in Manhattan, who specializes in thinning hair, the shower is usually where you'll first notice unusual hair loss. If you are losing hair, don't panic. Follow D'Orazio's suggestions:..."

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Woman's Own
"Quick Chic: Eye-Catching Looks For Women With No Time To Fuss"

Haircuts and styling by John Kelly, Alexander Sprinkle, Hendrik Thijen; color by Douglas Gray, Rosemary Sorrentino, and Ingrid Urzua; all from the John D'Orazio Salon, New York City.

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Bridal Guide
"Give Yourself a Makeover! Beauty Experts Share Their Secrets"

"In anticipation of the big event, Margaret called us and we arranged a beauty session for her with hairstylist John D'Orazio of the John D'Orazio Salon..."

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New Woman
"Beauty Beat"

"At the John D'Orazio Salon in New York City, owner John D'Orazio examined Teri's hair and asked what she wanted in a hairstyle. After Teri's hair was washed and conditioned, senior colorist Ingrid Urzua applied a new coloring technique called Moonlighting. The process adds depth, shine, and texture by using several darker, richer reds, yellows, and browns instead of lighter shades. Next, D'Orazio cut four inches from Teri's hair and reshaped it for a chic style that enhances her face instead of hiding it."

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"9:30 A.M. Ten or so blocks farther along Madison Avenue, Diane Von Furstenberg is visiting with her hairdresser, Edgar Montalvo, at the tony John D'Orazio salon. The fashion designer and all-around social maven is exhausted after a weekend spent on business projects in Pennsylvania, and now there is the matter of this grand event to attend tonight..."

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New York Post

"With all these foreign beauties in town and security so heavy you can't get into Woolworths without being frisked, here's a tale of the Pope's recent visit.

"He was bunking next door to John D'Orazio's 22 E. 72nd beauty salon. Every time His Holiness went in or out, ladies in pantyhose and smocks, clay packs on their faces, hairs in silver papers, ran to the door..."

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"A Francophone tyke in a blue blazer was pelting down Fifth Avenue toward the police barricades, puffing her way toward the Lycée Français on East 72nd Street yesterday as a teacher urged: 'Dépêch-toi, Zoe! They're about to close the perimeter!'

"Down the street at John D'Orazio's celebrity salon, even the most V.I.P of the V.I.P clients submitted to purse searches by police officers before their hair appointments..."

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John donates to the Ellen Hermanson Foundation!

John has donated a custom hairpiece to raise money for Ellen's Run, a charity organization that raises money for breast cancer patients and their families.